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Haven’t been posting for months now, mostly because I up and switched jobs and bought a house within like 3 weeks of each other?? Not sure it was the best idea? But here I am. I’ve always had a general idea of which way my life was going, but now I have no idea. Oh well. It moves on anyway whether I know what the hell I’m doing or not.

Besides painting the house, I’ve been making dreamcatchers and other weird wall art. Stitching cool throw pillows for me (and one for the cat…bc yeah, hubby got a cat). I want to try weaving something, or make a loom and try that…something about the repetitive nature of it all seems soothing, and textiles always seemed comforting to me. Maybe I’ll learn to make something cool and figure out what I want to do next with life at the same time. #arttherapy

Hipster Triangle Wall Art - Teal  Bohemian Wall Hanging   Shabby Chic Wall Pentacle



2015 in review

Thanks for reading my humble little blog! 😉

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 940 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 16 trips to carry that many people.

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New page posted! Plus random introverted art talk

My official Lost Souls page is up:

Don’t you love how art projects are such a jumble of ideas? I want to express something intangible, but at the same time I have to be reasonable and practical. It’s a great balancing act, lets my mind race yet keeps me grounded. There is a reason behind every. single. thing. I. do. but explaining it takes forever. It’s the finished product that most people care about, and oddly enough the finished product isn’t what this is all about, it’s about the process.

Please check out my new photos and let me know whether this process worked or not, that way I know how to begin my next project. Thank you!

Lost Souls blog pics 1

Lost Souls

Latest project is called Lost Souls, thought that was an appropriately emo followup to Broken Hearts. These are actual real life clay I can fire *so excited* and the first batch is done. Here’s a teaser –


Each hanging lantern represents a person’s soul, complete with adorable little electric tea candle and hemp cord to hang them. Each one is unique in size, pattern, and color. I don’t really have specific people in mind and I’m not planning any of them ahead of time, I just sit myself down with an exacto  knife and start cutting the patterns. I like to see what happens. It’s therapeutic, and I need that right now. Also, they aren’t glazed, they are painted, and the first batch came out fantastic…but no more spoilers until all 25 are complete. For the next month or so you’ll know what I’m doing.


Spiritual Feminist Book launch – Moon Books Blog

I’ve been too busy to blog about something really fun & important so here it is! My lovely mum is a very talented author and she fell in love with the apple heart sculpture while finishing her latest book, so tada it made the cover. There is a photo of us together included in the link, please check it out (I am definitely my Mother’s Daughter lol) and check out her book The Spiritual Feminist also, it was just released in the US yesterday.